Today is my last day of Portuguese class.  So, I will have more time to keep up with my blog! I’ve been really busy lately mostly because of all the busy work associate with learning another language.

I recently came into contact with the founders of this website. http://mormonsmadesimple.com/index.html It’s pretty neat and would make a great tool to help introduce your non-LDS friends to our beliefs and practices.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to throw out topics for discussion. I’d like to throw out a topic now. Hopefully you can share your thoughts by commenting on this post.  Here’s the topic: “In what ways does Jesus resurrection demonstrate that God the Father is (or could be) embodied?”

To kick off the discussion: “Christ…is the image of God” (2 Cor. 4:4).If Christ, (at the time of 2 Cor. 4:4) was a resurrected embodied being, and if Christ is the image of God, then God is an embodied being.


2 thoughts on “Oi!

  1. I feel the reality of Christ’s resurrection is expressed better within the restored gospel than in any of the various remnants of the first century Christianity left to us. Think of it. Christ said, “Handle me and see.” See that I am embodied. See that my being embodied is wholly in harmony with my divinity. I am the express image of the Father. Like a coin pressed in clay leaves an imprint, I am the mirror image of the divine father. My body was begotten and is male. A male offspring requires a male sire. I am not a clone of Mary. I am begotten of God and my body is glorified and perfected as yours will be. This is the body I will return with. The wounds in my hands and my feet will bear testimony to men in ages now distant that I am he who shed his blood for them in Gethsemane and on the cross. I am he was alive and was dead and behold, I am alive forever more. Doubt not but be believing. I am the revelation of God. I am the Word made flesh. Any doctrine imagined by men that is incompatible with my resurrected reality you may know is not of me. As my Apostles, you will bear witness of this event until your dying day. Never will you teach any doctrine that contradicts my having conquered death. I am he whom you have seen with your eyes, and heard with your ears and handled. Even the Word of Life.

    The doctrinal import of Christ’s resurrection cannot be underestimated. It cannot be gainsay-ed by any honest Christian. Christ is God. Christ is embodied. God is embodied. Let the champions of Trinitarianism explain how the members of the Godhead all share the same divine substance, and Christ is God, yet God is unembodied. It is a doctrinal conundrum they have no answer for. They have fashioned a contradiction with a man made doctrine that is incompatible with the resurrection. Then they use this false doctrine as a litmus test for the appellation of Christian. Surely the Apostasy was well advanced when Nicea and successive councils gradually changed the risen Christ into the immaterial ONE. They have erected a new chasm to separate God from his redeemed children. Christ conquered sin and death and abolished that gulf that had so long prevailed. Now, the doctors of Christianity erected a new impassible chasm. A chasm of kind.

    Either Christianity has a resurrected God, or it has a Trinity. It cannot have both.

  2. I certainly agree that the idea of an embodied God is absolutely central to true Christianity

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